The Mixed Up People Series


This year has been a tumultuous one in many ways: Political divisions, extreme and devastating climate events, the horrifying plight of refugees, terrorist acts claiming innocent lives, and of course, the very personal challenges that we all face in one way or another.

I needed an escape, or rather a way to end the day with a smile. I decided to draw a greeting card every night. (I have an obsession with cards and I don’t believe in electronic greeting cards – it is too impersonal.)

There were no rules at all to my drawings except that I had to finish them in 15 minutes and couldn’t erase.

I wound up drawing pictures of people that were very mixed up – this seemed right in line with my dilemma – many of us do seem all mixed up these days. My drawings showed people with three eyes, two mouths, four legs, upside down heads, and on and on. They became the Mixed Up People Series.

Most importantly, all of these drawings made me laugh – right before I went to sleep. Success!
As I reached over 100 designs, I thought it would be fun to assign quotes for some of them, and make copies.

Here are some of the cards. I hope you like them. If you decide to buy some I would be thrilled, but more importantly, I hope they give you a chuckle.

Visit often, because I have many more designs to get ready to put up on this page.

Wishing you peace and some chuckles.