Artist Statement

My day-to-day life has always been filled with a tension between having to “keep up” with the pace of living in a chaotic and confusing world, while internally longing for personal space, simplicity and places to hide. Being a very private person, art helps me channel my feelings out into the world (maybe), so I don’t have to carry them inside myself.

Having recently heard a lecture by Artist Timothy Hawkesworth, I was struck by his answer to an audience member’s question, “What are you trying to tell us in your paintings?” Timothy answered (in my words) “I am not trying to tell you anything, I am simply sharing my personal experience with you in my painting. Only you can determine what your experience is when you see it.”

I like this concept. I am not trying to impose any particular message to viewers. I respect whatever reactions they may have. However, I am always curious and interested to hear about what people see and feel in regards to my work.

Thanks to my husband’s encouragement, I started sharing my art in public seven years ago. It’s a process that has allowed me to learn a great deal about my community of artists and myself. Living on Cape Ann inspires me by way of the light that wraps itself around those of us who live here, the sense of grounding I feel when I sit on the huge slabs of granite, and the calming nature of the sea (unless it’s angry).

Condensed Bio

Terry Del Percio-Piemonte is a self-taught artist who has studied with Nicholas Simmons, Nella Lush, Katherine Chang Liu, Yhanna Coffin, Susan Guest-McPhail, Tom Sutherland, among others, and has also taken numerous courses at Montserrat College. Three of her pieces were published for two subsequent years in Sidelines Magazine, Literary & Art Publication for Simmons College, Boston, MA (2008/2009).

Current Mentors: Nella Lush & Katherine Chang Liu

Terry won 2 prizes for her watercolor painting “Seeing Through Seaweed”; first place in watercolor at the Newburyport Regional Open Show (2012), and Viewers’ Choice Award at the Bass Rocks Art Loan Program through seARTS (2013). Terry’s most recent work leans toward a contemporary, abstract and/or expressionistic approach. Her paintings started out as mostly watercolor on archival paper, then she moved to mixed media collage, and now the primary medium she uses is Acrylic. Acrylic is used instead of oil simply because of the toxicity of oil and turpentine products. Other materials used include ink, chalk, oil sticks, pencil and graphite.

Longer resume details available upon request.